The British Association of Paediatric Urologists
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The British Association of Paediatric Urologists
– The early days –

The British Association of Paediatric Urologists was founded in 1992 at the instigation of myself, Robert Whitaker, and Philip Ransley. We had been running a paediatric urology course together since 1984 with the help of a team of colleagues which included David Thomas, David Gough , Tony Rickwood and David Frank .  Later we were joined by Pat Malone, Alan Dickson ,  Patrick Duffy , Nick Madden, Su- Anna  Boddy, and others. The team of speakers enlarged in due course and guest overseas speakers included John Gearhart, Lowell King , Edmond Gonzalez and Howard Snyder.

I organised the first course, with the great support of Philip Ransley, in Egham, Surrey in 1984 and a second one there again in 1985. They were sponsored by Travenol and held in their headquarters in Egham. The following year Boots in Nottingham hosted us and thereafter until now it has been in Cambridge – initially in Selwyn, then in Robinson and more recently in New Hall (now Murray Edwards).

On Thursday 17th September 1992 at the pre-course speakers dinner in Selwyn College a number of us including Philip Ransley, David Frank, David Gough, Pat Malone, David Thomas and myself (I may have mortally offended others by not including them) decided that the very least we should form  a paediatric urology club.  BAPU was on its way but  over the next year or two we struggled to agree on the criteria of eligibility for membership and the different categories of membership based upon the  proportion of one’s practice that had to be devoted to paediatric urology to qualify for full membership. I dropped out of the loop in 1989 when Iwas no longer in clinical practice and others undertook the fine achievement of formalising BAPU as a national association. Others can document the history of BAPU better than I can since then. On a personal basis, it gives me considerable pleasure to see that the course has continued since the early days of 1984 – some 27 years

Robert Whitaker
November 2011