The British Association of Paediatric Urologists
The British Association of Paediatric Urology and Continence Nurses

ESPU Masterclass: Off-Label Treatment of Bladder dysfunction

2nd June 2017
Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Manchester, UK



ESPU masterclass Flyer 2nd June 2017(PDF)

ESPU masterclass program 2nd June 2017(PDF)

Masterclass is a concept introduced by the Educational Committee of the European Society for Paediatric Urology (EC-ESPU). The aim of such a meeting is to thoroughly discuss one chosen topic in a small group with specialists. Only a limited number of participants can be accepted. It is our privilege to invite you on behalf of the EC-ESPU and Department of Urology, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital to participate in this Masterclass designed for clinicians who look after children with non-neurogenic day and night time wetting.

  • To enhance understanding of non-neurogenic bladder disorders leading to day and night time wetting
  • To gain insight into off-label treatment of difficult to treat overactive bladder, giggle incontinence, nocturnal enuresis and stress incontinence
  • To share knowledge on efficacy, side effect profile of off-label medication

Audience: Paediatric Urologists and other professionals dealing with bladder dysfunction
Registration fee: £75 (number of participants restricted to 40)

Course Directors:
Anju Goyal
Rafal Chrzan
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Link for registration:

Awarded 6 CPD points by the RCSEd